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My Contacts

Why would I put my contacts into Newsmaker instead of using my own e-mail program?

Using Newsmaker to send press releases from your contacts means:

  • Your organization can maintain a central repository of contact information for institutional and personal media contacts, rather than managing them in individual desktop applications;
  • Your contacts receive the press release at the same time as the media;
  • You save time and effort by having a single process for distributing releases.

How do I get contacts into Newsmaker?

You can either input each contact manually or import them from a “CSV” file or Microsoft Outlook export. Help on exporting contacts from Microsoft Outlook can be found on this page.

If you are using a different program to generate the CSV file, the following fields (columns) are recognized: Job Title, Company, First Name, Last Name, Notes, E-mail Address, Home Street, Home Street 2, Home Street 3, Home City, Home State, Home Postal Code, Home Country, Home Phone, Home Fax, Business Street, Business Street 2, Business Street 3, Business City, Business State, Business Postal Code, Business Country, Business Phone, Business Fax. All of these columns must be present in the CSV file, and their case matters. Order of columns does not matter. Note: “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “E-mail Address” columns must have a value or the file will not be imported properly.

Feel free to download this template CSV file and put your own data in it if you’re not exporting from Outlook.

Why don't I see the option to add more contacts?

Members are allowed to store varying amounts of contacts depending upon their membership plan. In order to store more contacts, you’ll need to upgrade your membership plan.

These contacts are private! Is anyone else going to be able to use them, or even see them?

Absolutely not. We will never share your contacts with anyone else. The only people who can see your contacts are people who log in under your organization’s account.